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Tropical Passion Fruit Ring Wax Melt

Tropical Passion Fruit Ring Wax Melt

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Our Tropical Passion Fruit Wax Melts are a sensational blend of passion fruit and ripe pineapple with nuances of sugary peach at the base. This sweet blend of fruits will whisk you away to a tropical oasis island paradise in your home.

Every one of our wax tarts packages are hand poured in Canada and contain a prize ring valued between $25 to $5,000!

Our tarts work with any electric, light bulb, or tea light warmer. We recommend only using a certified device designed for use with wax melt. These also can be purchase from us.

All our melts are 6oz/170g and made of 100% Soy Candle Wax. Which is made from pure soybeans and specialized soy-based additives that are FDA-approved and Kosher-certified.

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