Ice E Oil Ground To Glass Guarantee

Essential Oil

"Ground To Glass Guarantee"

In a day and age of large companies and organizations that tend to dominate an industry and absorb smaller independent companies that affect their market share, it has been increasingly difficult to assure the end consumer of the quality of an essential oil. Tactics used by some of these companies invoke fear that they are the only true “quality” supplier of a product and all others are inferior when in fact nothing can be further from the truth!

When developing our Ice E Oil brand of essential oils, we wished to provide our customers 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils at an affordable price at the same time insuring rigorous testing is maintained from the moment the botanical is planted & harvested to the time it is sealed in our bottles. This is why we implemented our


Ice E Oil GTGG

“Ground To Glass Guarantee

Each essential oil we provide goes through complete Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Analysis (GC/MS), microbial, heavy metal as well as multiple other forms of testing all performed by independent 3rd party laboratories before the oil even makes it to our bottling facility. Using independent laboratories guarantees no manipulation of any test happens at any point during the process. This is then repeated prior to bottling to ensure the same level of purity is maintained throughout the process. If a supplier ever fails a test performed by our laboratories, we sever relations with this supplier.

Our bottling facility has also been USDA Organic Certified and must maintain a maximum level of compliance at all times to ensure this certification is kept.  

A high quality and pure essential oil is not just measured by its botanical name, but by the methods used to extract the oil and create the finished product. Ice N Fire only works with those that share the same dedication to the quality and purity of each essential oil to ensure it's only 100% pure therapeutic grades that are free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and herbicide residue.

Ultimately, all guarantees aside we are dependent on YOU, our end consumer, to first try and enjoy our products as any business must build and maintain a good relationship with all its customers if it wishes to be sustainable.