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Will any of your rings turn my finger green?

Can I choose my ring size?

Can I choose the style of my ring?

How much is my ring worth?

How are rings appraised

What is the difference between your regular collection of candles, melts & soaps and the Sterling & Gold Filled ones?


Candle Safety

What size are your candles?

How long will my candle burn for?

What are the candles made of?

How to I purchase a candle?

Why does it look like there is frosting on my candle?

Why does it look like there is an air bubble in my candle


When will I receive my order

Can I track my order

I received a tracking number but it does not work or I am being told it is incorrect.

How much is shipping

Help my candle/melt is damaged

Consultant Program

Why is there a monthly fee to be a Consultant?

I don’t want the website with the membership. Can I get it cheaper?

Am I allowed to advertise and open my own Facebook page to help me sell?

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