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Outrageous Orange Luxury Aromatherapy Sterling Ring Bath Melts

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Our Outrageous Orange Aromatherapy Sterling Ring Luxury Bath Melts are handmade and start with a base of pure Cocoa Butter blended with Sweet Orange Essential Oil and other ingredients to produce 6 luxurious bath melt squares. These melts have a refreshing, zesty citrus & cocoa butter scent that can help soothe oily and dull skin and is said to have antidepressant and anti-stress properties. 

Every one of our aromatherapy bath melts is hand poured in Canada and contain a prize 925 Sterling Silver Ring valued between $50 to $5,000!


-Add 1 (or more) squares to warm-hot bath water and agitate to disperse. After bathing, you can leave oil on the skin and pat dry or rinse the oil off. We do recommend cleaning all bath surfaces of remaining oil.


-Bathing surfaces may be slippery with use of this product

-Clean all bathing surfaces immediately after use 

  • Ingredients: Cocoa Butter (refined and unrefined), Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Rice Bran Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Polyester-3, Yellow 5

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