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I hate to be the one to say it but summer is winding down and autumn is just around the corner. It's sad, I agree, but on a positive note it means we're getting into fall craft fair season. That makes right now the perfect time to stock up on inventory so you're ready to go when the local craft fair comes to town. It's also a good time to contact the event organizers to reserve a booth. Some organizers will allow 2 people to share a booth and split the cost. A quick Google search will get you the contact information you need.
Once you've got your booth set up it is important to have quick access to our website to help customers order any product they want that you don't have on hand. If you've got a laptop or a smartphone you're in business!
A mobile payment option will help you take advantage of every sales opportunity. Square (see below) provides you with a very affordable option that allows you to take credit card payments on an iOS or Android device. Setting up at a craft fair is an excellent way to increase your exposure, get your name and our product in front of hundreds of potential clients and give you an opportunity to sign up new consultants who will build your team and increase your earning potential. 


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