There’s a chill in the air (at least where I live) as the days tick by towards the official start of autumn. This is also the beginning of the most important buying season of the year, meaning we have an opportunity to really drive up our personal sales and commissions and to build our downline sales by signing up new reps to work under us.

Getting your bubbly personality out there to show off our amazing products is such an effective way to sell. Here’s a perfect example; last weekend, our very own Victoria Chester set up a table at the Brick in Chilliwack, BC, where she displayed our products for the Brick’s customers during their tent sale. This event is purely a furniture sale and the fact that she was there was not advertised in any way other than some pictures that were shared on Facebook. If you saw the posts on our Consultant’s Facebook page you probably saw her table and you’re wondering how she made out. Well, the numbers are in and they’re pretty amazing… total sales for the weekend were $1,436 and she signed up a new consultant!

With everyone hunkering down for fall and winter, now is the perfect time to get ready. People are starting to think about decorating their homes for Thanksgiving and the gifts they want to purchase for Christmas. With that, people will be off to shop at one of the many fall and Christmas craft fairs scheduled in the next two to three months. There is still time to get involved and getting started now will ensure your success!
A few suggestions;
- A quick Google search will tell you when and where the local craft fairs are in your community.
- Book a table.
- Build your inventory so you have plenty of products to display and sell.
- Spread the word that you’re going to be there.
- Have a mobile phone, iPad or laptop handy to accommodate online orders.
- Have lots of business cards available. Those that don’t buy on the spot may order online later. And they’ll share your information with their friends.
- Posting pictures of your event on the Consultant’s Facebook page will allow each of us to share it on our personal pages. We all know a few people across the country so if we all share each other’s posts the word will spread even further. Sharing is caring!
- Watch the customers flock to your table!

We have perfect items for home décor and gift giving. If you let people know when and where to find you, they’ll be there with cash in hand!

If you have any ideas or suggestions that will help everyone increase sales during this busy season, please feel free to share them on the Consultant’s Facebook page.



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