Diamond Dust Bath Bomb Powder (Hidden Necklace, Earring or Bracelet)

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Diamond Dust Bath Bomb Powder is made from the same great ingredients that our Ice N Fire Bath Bombs are made from. Each bag contains 300 grams or more of our exclusive bath bomb powder. Just add your desired amount to each bath or if you are in the mood add the whole bag!

Each of our Diamond Dust bath bomb powder bags hide a capsule containing a beautiful treasure valued at $30 & a unique code. Enter the code on our Treasure Chest page for a chance at high valued rings and necklaces valued up to $5,000 PLUS possible instant win of a 925 Sterling Silver Treasure, Necklace or Candle Coins!


  • Add bath bomb to hot bath to activate
  • Open protection pod to reveal treasure & unique code
  • Enter code on our Treasure Chest page for a chance at instant win prizes, high valued rings and necklaces valued up to $5,000!


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