Submit a Fundraiser

Fundraisers are tracked separately to all other regular consultant sales. The consultant organizing the fundraiser is eligible for 10% commissions on all sales tracked through the fundraiser that will be paid with the regular monthly commission payments. 

The fundraiser itself is eligible for 20% commissions for all sales tracked to the fundraiser. This will be paid by mailed cheque within 10-14 business days of the end of the fundraiser. We will need the legal name of the fundraiser below for who to issue cheques to.

It is very important that NO CONSULTANT DISCOUNTED SALES be tracked to the fundraiser link. Be sure to not be logged into your consultant account when entering fundraiser orders as they will be tracked at zero commissions as you know consultants get a direct discount. Please ask for clarification if needed.

*Fundraisers are not eligible for higher level commissions

Please fill out the below form. You will be issued a special unique fundraiser  link to our website within a few business days. All sales need to be processed through this link to count towards the fundraiser. 

(Please allow 1 - 4 Business days for set up) 

Fundraiser Order Form


*Minimum of $500 in sales required to qualify for fundraiser payout. Not combinable with any other sale prices or discounts.