Candle Refill Service (Save Money & Recycle!)

Have a previously enjoyed candle container, or any suitable container that you want to give new life to? We will make a new candle out of it for you!

we can even add a hidden treasure & TREASURE CHEST CODE (Optional service, separate fee will be applied if requested).

Just bring in your container(s), we will fill them with water then weigh and estimate the cost. You prepay and pick up your finished candle when you are contacted (typically 24-48 business hours).

What can be refilled?
Basically any container that would be safe for burning a candle! Glass, tin, ceramic ect. We use 100% natural soy wax that has the lowest melt point so any container that we see fit will be approved as long as it’s cleaned and ready to pour!
What scents can you choose?
You can choose any of our scents available on our website plus we will be adding more selections soon!
How many can you do?
As many as you want! For larger orders such as special events or weddings please allow more production time.
How many times can you refill?
As many as you like. As long as you have followed the candle safety warnings the containers will be able to reused.
Cost is $.99 per ounce. So, a typical 8-ounce container would be $8. PLUS every order also earns you CANDLE COINS!
Need more information? Please fill out the below form or stop by our candle shop during business hours. Our address & hours are on our About Us page.